New Liberty North Coaches

New Liberty North Coaches

   Liberty North has acquired new head boys and girls basketball coaches, LN Coach Cy Musser and Coach Brian Rockers.

   “At my previous school, we go to the same conference. Been coming to the tournament for seven years, I really got to know the coaches. And so when it [the position] opened, it was something that intrigued me. I really like the staff, I really like Mr. Kernell. I really like the facilities and so I just thought, why not? Let’s give it a shot and see what happens,” Musser said.

   Coach Rockers heard about the position in a different way. 

   “The word got out that the job was open like in any sport and coaches start talking and telling people that they know that are interested in being a head coach that these jobs are available. Then I went to the school website and saw the opening there,” Rockers said.

   The girl’s basketball team is working very hard during the pre-season to prepare themselves for the season.

   “Right now pre-season wise most of our girls are in weights class so they’re getting their lifting done in weights class. Twice a week we’ve been having an open gym, we started that on the first of September. So twice a week in the month of September and the month of October we have a dead week, but right before the season starts on November 4th,“ Rockers said.

   Musser uses instruction to encourage and motivate his team.

   “I think through instruction and  being passionate and energetic and one thing about them, the kids seem to be pretty motivated and they want to be there, they want to compete, to get better every day, to compete and let’s just see what happens, and we just want to make sure that we’re getting better every single day and make sure we give our best effort,” Musser said.

   Rockers makes the atmosphere motivating for his team.

   “I think if you can make the atmosphere fun and enthusiastic and stay positive, that they can feed off that type of energy, energy is huge. That’s a big thing at Liberty North right now. You know I work with Coach Jones with freshman football stuff and he preaches that so we’re going to keep it positive. We’re going to keep it high intensity and high energy, a lot of juice as I say, so hopefully, that’ll make it fun, and the style of basketball that we’re going to try to play this year it’s gonna be a fun style to it’s a very up-tempo and fast pace so that’ll carry over with the enthusiasm,” Rockers said

   Expectations are high for the experienced girl’s team players.

   “Well, expectations are high for this team. There’s a lot of kids back on the team coming off a winning record last year and a good senior class. Our top kids are experienced, we know our junior class is solid with the numbers there too so expectations are high and they should be high. The girls that we have are good basketball players so hopefully, we can fulfill those expectations but our conference and district there’s a lot of good basketball teams so it’s going to be a very fun and competitive basketball season,” Rockers said.