Fortunate Fridays (3/11/23)


Mak Morgan, General Manager

Happy Fortunate Friday everyone! In Eagle’s View, we are always so fortunate to the people who read our newspapers, support our work and our studies, and of course, we are so fortunate for our staff! For the rest of the year, we will be spotlighting many of our North Staff for everything they’ve done for us. Today, we have Wendy Turner from the Culinary Department! We are so fortunate for you Mrs. Turner!

About your family:

WT: I have 2 daughters, they’re 29 and 31 and my husband passed away 3 years ago from cancer.

What are your favorite hobbies?

WT: I love to cook! I feel like that’s probably my number one favorite hobby. I like to bike… pedal not vroom vroom. And yoga and then I do a lot of home improvement-y stuff.

Sports (watching or playing)?

WT: I’m not much of a sports person, I’d rather be more active and do something than watch for sure. I didn’t grow up playing any sports in school, we lived out in the country and we had horses and I showed horses. But I am pretty active.

Where are you from?

WT: I’m from right around here, I was born in Lee’s Summit, and then we moved to Oak Grove, and then I graduated high school in Blue Springs. So kind of east from this city but definitely in the KC metropolitan area. I’ve lived here for most of my life. I lived in Texas for about 4 years though.

What brought you to North?

WT: I was lucky enough to have been contacted by a former colleague, about a child development job that they had an opening for, and that’s why I applied. I thought it was a really good fit for me. For me, I am pretty techy and good at using all the digital resources. My master’s are in education and technology. And I am so glad I’m here! I love it!

Who are you fortunate for?

WT: There are a lot of people I’m fortunate for. Dr. Kurth is amazing, super supportive, and really behind anything I want to do with my classes. All the administrative assistants are super helpful. My coworkers, Ms. Silvey and Ms. Winn, are great support systems and are always there to help me but they’re also fun and we can just sit and have flex together and just laugh and talk about whatever. It’s great to have wonderful coworkers for sure. Pretty much all the teachers in this building are pretty awesome and I love working with them.

What is your favorite part of your job?

WT: Well, my favorite part of my job is to work with students because it’s like the classes in the FACS department are so real world-like stuff you’re going to use your whole life. I teach child development in the mornings and watching students learn things about themselves and their families while learning about the curriculum and in here like learning new techniques, and mastering a recipe that’s really hard, I just love seeing them grow as individuals.