Humans of Liberty North: Miranda McArtor


Caitlyn Scott

The marimba is an integral part of a band, it helps with coordinating the rest of the band, and plays notes that wind instruments can’t. Without a marimba, a band doesn’t sound complete and wouldn’t be as musical. The center marimba specifically helps to lead the band, you need someone who has the ability to lead and control attention. Liberty North’s center marimba is Miranda McArtor, a sophomore.

She definitely deserves center marimba. She is incredibly talented at all keyboard instruments and is one of our best marimba players,” said sophomore, Cameron Triplett. Miranda is in wind symphony, where she plays percussion which isn’t just drums, but triangles, cymbals, xylophone, and tambourine as well. She chose percussion because in 6th grade, Mr. Fuller, the band director, came in to teach the percussion instruments, “and when he hit the bass drum, I knew I wanted to do percussion”, said McArtor. 

“I really enjoy playing the instruments, and the atmosphere is very friendly and inviting. When we went to MMEA, there was a lot to talk about and you were talking to different sections who you wouldn’t normally talk to. Band makes me feel more awake and very happy because I’m doing my passion,” said McArtor. There are bright sides that make everything worth it. You have events like MMEA, marching band, and drumline competitions that bring the group together. 

It’s no easy task to be in the front ensemble, you have to help lead the others as well as be front and center on the field. Leading the rest of the band isn’t an easy task, it requires patience and care.

“Other members of the front ensemble have to look to me for technical points and spots. So, it’s a lot of pressure to have people looking up to me and wanting direction. There are parts I have to play by myself, and when you’re the only one playing, and if you mess up, there’s no backup that covers it. Sometimes people [front ensemble] don’t play correct notes or don’t listen. You have to be animated, and that can be difficult for some people,” said McArtor.  It can be hard to lead and direct what others do. You don’t want to be too harsh but not harsh enough. Miranda keeps a good mix of the two. 

During the marching season, she would always keep a positive attitude. She reminded others what they should be doing and always stayed on top of work,” said Triplett.

Miranda doesn’t just do band, she’s on the varsity girls’ tennis team, in the French Club, Fresh Club, and Interact Club. Although within the band, she’s in marching band, wind symphony, jazz band, as well as solo/ensemble festival. Marching band is a huge passion and motivation of Miranda’s that she’s continuing it into adulthood.

“I want to get a degree in music education and performance, although I’m still deciding between performing professionally or teaching,” said McArtor.