Humans of Liberty North: Grace Flener


  Junior Grace Flener owns a small business called SoFullyGrace. While owning her small business, she is also involved in many school activities.

   “Within the school, I run cross country and track, I used to play basketball I played for two years, I have been a part of KNET and I took a break this year and I will be back next year. I’m in band and am also a part of the drumline and jazz band. I am apart of kindness club, NHS, stronger together, FCA, and I am learning exec for FCA so that’s exciting,” Flener said. 

   Through owning a business, Grace may be able to have different experiences than most teenagers here at Liberty North.

   “Owning a small business in high school is one of the best experiences I have ever had. It’s taught me how to be responsible, how to manage money, and how to interact with different people over social media and in person. A lot of people will come up to be in the hallway and will be like ‘oh my gosh Grace I saw somebody wearing your sweatshirt today,’ so for me, being able to see the things that I put out into the world in school is so fun and I just love it so much. The community that I feel like Liberty North has given me is such a sweet community that I have been able to grow in and with,” Flener said.

   Although Flener is involved in school-related activities, activities outside of school, and has her own small business, she is still able to find time for family while getting everything she has to get done, done.

   “When I have all my activities going on it really is pretty stressful to get everything organized and to stay on top of everything. I make sure that all my schoolwork is done first, and then family time comes next. After that, I start worrying about sports and my business. When I am really busy with school and sports I tend to not give my business as much attention, so that’s why you will see that I’m a lot more active over the summer or on breaks rather than during the school year. That’s just because it gets put on the back burner while I have things going on,” Flener said.

   Flener started her business in 2020 during quarantine and has been growing her business ever since.

   “My business is Sofully Grace. I currently am focusing on doing Apparel but I also work on sewing different things, and I make stickers and glass cups. I make kind of random things that I personally love to use and I use encouragement that I find myself needing. I want to put that back out into the world and into my community to help encourage others. The biggest thing that owning a business has taught me has been responsibility. No one is helping me with my business, it’s on me to grow it or it’s not going to grow at all. Being able to learn how to come up with an idea and then bring it to life I think is such a fun thing that not a lot of people can experience and I’m super grateful that I have been able to do that,” Flener said.