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Electoral votes as of 12/9/16

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Crisp and clean–the iPhone 7

September 9, 2016

Breaking Boundaries

August 29, 2016

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Student Life

  • Debate: the good the bad and the ugly

    Debate, the clash of two conflicting sides in a civilized conversation. A noble art, and a difficult one for many, mixing a cocktail of public speakin...

  • Fired up over Google

    Browsers and online searches, there will never be too many. Whether you choose Chrome or Firefox, Google or Yahoo!, sometimes they don’t even matter...

  • The dynamic duos of Liberty North

    Only about 3% of the population are twins, so meeting them is pretty rare. Liberty North is lucky enough to have quite a few sets of twins. But just b...

  • The effects of music

    Many people listen to music for different reasons, whether it be for motivation or relaxation. “I listen to music all day, every day,” sophomo...

  • Dress Down for Down Syndrome

       Dress Down for Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a severe chromosomal condition that affects thousands of individuals in the U.S. To help spread aw...

  • What’s Northland CAPS???

       Northland CAPS is a great way to explore future interests and to actually see what the real world experience would be like in that professional f...

  • Procrastination Kills!

       Eighty-six percent of high school students are said to procrastinate on assignments. In college, that number goes up slightly to 88 percent. The ...

  • HOSA Members


  • Future Teachers

       EIP, Educational Internship Program, is a way for high school students to interact with younger kids in a positive learning environment. The EIP ...

  • Practicing for Performance

    Practicing for Performance

Watch the LNHS Invitational!

Watch the LNHS Invitational!

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Free-styling into Second Place

November 3, 2016

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Student Council Leads at Districts

Student Council Leads at Districts

Kendall Steinmetz, Design Editor

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Running with Rugby

September 22, 2016

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Human Trafficking

Alexandria Snavely, Assistant In Depth Editor

Imagine being in the middle of a park, stuck in a box...  Read More »

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