The Great Fry Off!

Who said french fries?

  French fries are an American staple. They have been around for centuries and restaurants still find ways to make the food their own. In this review, we will be covering six different restaurants with their own french fries.  


Culver’s: When we got the fries they were extremely hot. They also could have used some salt because they were very bland. They were super soft when we got them but as they cooled down they started to get a little crisper. Overall we all gave the fries a 3/10 


Arby’s: They smelled really good and the fries were very crispy which we took as a good thing. They had the right amount of salt and they tasted pretty good with ketchup. All of the fries were also pretty good sizes. Overall we gave them two 6/10 and one 6.5/10


Chick-fil-A: When we got them, the first thing we tasted was lots of salt. The fries were also kind of soggy because they were very crispy. The Chick-fil-A sauce made the fries taste a lot better. Overall we gave the fries two 6/10 and one 6.5/10     


Freddy’s: They are known for the smaller cut fries and you almost have to take a couple at a time. The fries were very crispy which we took as a good thing. The fries also had a lot of flavor even without Freddy’s sauce. Overall we gave them a 7.5/10, 7/10, and a 6/10

Overall our french fry taste test was a success. Come back soon for another taste test with Brecklyn!