Humans of Liberty North: Haley Haberlach


Ace Roach, Reporter

Nobody knows what random discoveries will change someone’s life. For this sophomore, that discovery came in the form of Anime and Cosplay.

 “My interest in anime and cosplay started at the beginning of eighth grade,” Sophomore Haley Haberlach said.

 The interests themselves sparked by what could be seen as accidental or random chance.

 “I found the fandom of an anime on YouTube by accident. I wanted to know what the cosplayers in the video were talking about and who the characters were. As I kept watching videos of cosplayers, I realized that I wanted to do it too,” Haberlach said.

 But while anime and cosplay are things that Haberlach knows about, not everyone does.

 “As big as the cosplay community has gotten, a lot of people still don’t know what it is. Cosplay is when people dress up as characters from their favorite anime or fandom. They can make videos, go to conventions, participate in competitions, make skits, and more,” Haberlach said.

 The way Haberlach figured these things out was mainly through others.

“I learned how to cosplay by watching videos of other cosplayers either giving tips, doing makeup tutorials, or just being in cosplay,” Haberlach said.

 Haberlach also readily shares the love of anime and cosplay with others.

 “I talk about it to my friends, family, and anyone else who is interested in cosplay and anime. I reference anime and things I’ve seen in cosplay videos multiple times a day. I started a YouTube channel and an Instagram for cosplay. I haven’t done anything on them in about a year though because when school started I had a lot less time to cosplay,” Haberlach said.

The would of anime and cosplay directly affects Haberlach, though not all of it is perfect.

 “My life would be very different without anime and cosplay. I would have more room in my closet and my room would look differ

ent. I would probably be more invested in one of my other passions, like singing or color guard. I also would not have met my best friends, or lost one of my friends. I would have never started or become president of the anime club, ‘W A C’, and met new people. I also probably would not have some of the confidence that I have today,” Haberlach said. 

 Haberlach continues to enjoy anime and cosplay, despite what others might think.

“I think it impacts my life by being unique. It is something that I enjoy and associate myself with even if some people think it’s weird,” Haberlach said.