Mrs. Zumhofe Feature

Get to know administrative assistant Mrs. Zumhofe!


     Here at Liberty North, Mrs. Zumhofe is one of the administrative assistants and she absolutely loves her job.

     “I do everything. I talk with the students, I answer the phone, I deal with parents. Just anything. Anything that comes my way, I do and handle,” Zumhofe said.

     Before she started working here at Liberty North about last October, she was a sub.

     “Well I was a sub before this, and I was at the elementary schools. I was at Ridgeview a lot because that’s where my daughter went. I never once have subbed in a middle school, and I would pick up all the jobs I could at Ridgeview,” Zumhofe said.

     Mrs. Zumhofe is always open to talk to you and she will help you in any way she can, she is always there in the office with a smile the minute you walk in.

     “I find myself very approachable, like if you ever need anything just ask. And if I can’t figure it out, give me a minute and I will,” Zumhofe said.

     Her favorite thing about her job isn’t even something she does, it’s the people.

     “You guys are my absolute favorite cause I just love you guys, and there’s so much happiness, and sometimes I don’t see too much happiness. I just think the students are amazing,” Zumhofe said.