Humans of Liberty North: Abby Howard

Ashlyn Edwards, Repoter

Everyone has their own hobbies and sports interests that make them unique. For freshman Abby Howard, she finds her happiness in volleyball. Though it may not be in everyone’s interests, volleyball has always been a huge part of her life. 

“I’ve been playing volleyball for three years now. So all throughout middle school,” freshman Abby Howard said. 

In a game, everyone is assigned a specific position to play to help win the game as a team. Positions include Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite Hitter, Middle Blocker, Libero, and Defensive Specialist (DS). 

“I play Libero and DS. In DS you’re in the back row, and you have to have good defense and passing skills. For libero, I’m in charge of all the deep balls where you dive to save them,” Howard said. 

Of course, not everyone can play like an all star. It takes practice and effort to get to higher levels. So there are multiple teams that can help expand the level of difficulty. 

“Currently we are out of season. But normally I play for Liberty North. This year I was on the Freshman team C Silver, but I’m hoping to go on a higher level like JV. I also play for KC Premier outside of school, on the team Attack,” Howard said. 

For some people, this sport can be really bonding and helpful to create new friendships. These bonds can last a lifetime. 

“I made a bunch of friends, and I had lots of fun traveling,” Howard said. 

Howard has had to deal with this whole covid business with it affecting her games and tournaments.

“We don’t have as many tournaments or games because teams keep dropping out,” Howard said. 

With having to wear masks too, it makes the struggle 10 times worse for her. Volleyball can be a very tiring sport.

“During games, I’m always running around, so it’s very hard to breathe with masks on,” Howard said. 

Everyone has their differences in interests, but Howard thinks that volleyball can be for everyone.  

“You can make tons of friends and gain more experiences. It’s just a very fun hobby,” Howard said.

It can be quite normal for injuries to occur during a game. Howard has dealt with many injuries herself. Anywhere ranging from the knee to her wrist. 

“This past season at one of my tournaments, I landed on my wrist and fractured it. I was out for the rest of the season,” Howard said. 

For Howard, volleyball has always been her passion. The thing she loves the most that keeps her going every day. 

“I love everything about the sport. There is nothing I could dislike about it,” Howard said. 

For Howard, progress has always been huge for her. The difference is incredible compared from when she first started years ago, to now.    

“When I first started, I could barely even do anything. I couldn’t serve and with passing I would always mess up. Now I can actually control the ball,” Howard said.