Fortunate Friday (11/11/22)


Happy Fortunate Friday everyone! In Eagle’s View, we are always so fortunate to the people who read our newspapers, support our work and our studies, and of course, we are so fortunate for our staff! For the rest of the year, we will be spotlighting many of our North Staff for everything they’ve done for us. Today, we have Thy Trieu from Science! We are so fortunate for you Ms. Trieu!


About your family:

TT: My family, we are from Vietnam and we came over when I was 2 years old

What are your favorite hobbies?

TT: I’m currently into plants, I have a lot of plants. To the point where I have to bring them to school, because I have no room at home.

Where are you from?

TT: Before North, well I went to NKC High School, and then I went to college and then Liberty North is my first actual Job-Job.

What brought you to North?

TT: I personally like the area, it definitely has grown a lot since I started working here.

Who are you fortunate for?

TT: I am fortunate for my mom because as I am getting older she has given me lots of advice about being an adult

What is your favorite part of your job?

TT: My favorite part of my job is getting to talk to all the students and learn about their lives and what they like. Students are really funny so I like them.