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Natural Skin Care

Mackenna Rowe, Reporter

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Skincare has started becoming prominent in beauty magazines with products ranging in price from eight dollars to eight hundred dollars. Certain skin care companies have started adding ingredients to their products that are not so good for the skin. That is a reason natural skin care is becoming so prominent.   Natural products are a great way to understand the ingredients and their benefits while not hurting the Earth. Many elements are natural that are helpful for all types of skin. One of the best parts of natural skin care is it can be made from home or there on products sold in stores. Drugstores have some all natural product options, but they can mostly be found online or in stores like Sephora. Though it is not for everyone, asking your dermatologist or experimenting with ingredients on small patches of skin is helpful.
Using those products tends to eliminate any ingredients that are bad or controversial to be used on skin. There are even face masks for every single skin type using all natural ingredients. Specific acids can be used to fade acne scarring and brighten the skin. Charcoal is usually used to help with blackheads. They can also be considerably cheaper than other skin care because it can all be made at home. Products like turmeric help exfoliate the skin, reduce acne and acne scarring, and help decrease UV damage. There is a company called Yllo that is based around using turmeric and other natural products in their skin care.
Natural skin care will not magically eliminate all issues people have with their skin. It is another way to test out the different products and product combinations to help reach your skin goals.

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