Chess Club Competitors


Preston Bolinger, Reporter

Chess Club’s second season brings a new aspect to the club, with new competitors bringing plenty of fresh competition this season. They will be competing in the HSEL league along with the Esports Club.

It just feels great that I get to help people get better at the game, by instructing them on how to play the game better and see things they normally wouldn’t see,” returning member Luke Ogle said. 

Ogle has a plan for the new members this season and is eager to get started. 

“Generally increase all levels of play among new members including making strategy and viability above all of else,” Ogle said. 

With all the new competition and excitement also comes fear, this season is the first season that the original team is dealing with this new experience.

 “It is a little bit [scary] because the chess club has only really existed since January of last year, So we haven’t really had any new members other than the original team last year,” Ogle said. 

If the club loses interest by members and they leave, it will leave a big impact on the club.

 “I think it affects my approach by learning how to deal with teaching new people chess in general,” Ogle said. 

Ogle also mentions he learned he enjoys teaching people how to play chess, along with competing. With this big problem of so many new people to teach, the club let members speak about why they joined in the first place.

“I heard about it from a few friends who were in chess club, who also got me into chess club,” new member Dakota Goeke said. 

The new members and the old team have to work out how to run the club together now and especially have fun with it.

 “Oh yeah I come because of the people here, as much as I do like to just play and see myself get better, I also do enjoy going against people I like and just being able to casually against them and talk about the games as their going on,” Ogle said.

Chess Club appeals to many different aspects and people from all different interests. 

“It was really slow, I was interested in it last year and this year I decided sure let’s try it, mainly just the friendly environment and vibes it gave off,” Goeke said.

With the new competition, there is a constant lesson the club has been learning this season.

“Just stay motivated, keep on going because no matter what you’re doing you will get better at some point,” Ogle said.