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The importance of Water


   Water is one of the crucial components needed for life. Some people like it and some people don’t, but everyone needs it. 

“Since I’m an athlete, I know how important water is and I think it’s really important because when I don’t drink water, I feel really bad,” sophomore Lauren Forquer said.

   Drinking enough water holds many benefits considering it’s impossible to live without.

“Water is pretty important because It makes you feel better and your body needs it to survive. I usually drink enough water, so I’m pretty hydrated,” sophomore Ava Collier said. 

   Some would say water just hits differently at various times of the day. 

“I like water at night and in the morning because it wakes me up and makes me feel like a brand new person. Water is just so refreshing and hydrating. I would also say the cold water is better than warm water because warm water doesn’t make me feel as good as cold water does,” sophomore Adelyn Boyd said.

   For those who don’t usually drink enough water, finding out what kind of water you prefer could be helpful in an effort to stay hydrated. 

“I don’t usually like the taste of water, so sometimes I add in Liquid IV packets. They give me good electrolytes. I just like putting things in my water if I’m being honest,” Forquer said.

   There are many options and types of sources to get water from. Some people have opinions on which of those sources are the best. 

“In order, my favorite types of water are bottled water, fridge water, then sink water. Sink water is only good if it’s mixed with ice, because the ice makes it more refreshing. Any water through a straw is good too,” Boyd said.

   Forquer has a message for those who don’t particularly love drinking water. 

“You better be drinking your water,” Forquer said.

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