AJ Ruiz De Chavez Profile

Alec Powell

Ingrid Weaver, Sports Section Editor

Liberty North High School is filled with talented students, and  junior AJ Ruiz De Chavez is one of them. Ruiz De Chavez produces music on a platform called Soundcloud, where many up and coming artists gain a following in hopes of being signed to a record label or making music independently. Making music is not a new thing for Ruiz De Chavez, but now his songs have attracted a quite a bit of attention from fellow students.

  “I’ve seen him in class, I have first hour with him, and I see that he’s really into it and he’s always making improvements. He has his headphones in and is trying to fix stuff and does all this hard work, so you think ‘Dang this is gonna be good once he’s done’,” sophomore Blake Teel said.

 Ruiz De Chavez has started making music more of a priority in his life in the past few years in order to add to his collection of songs on Soundcloud and increase his presence on the internet.

  “I started making music like two years ago, I just never took it seriously until this year and I started putting it out this year,”  Ruiz De Chavez said.

  Music is a big part of Ruiz De Chavez’s life and his influences include Joey Badass and Capital Steez, who are both American rap artists with large fan groups. These artists are mainly where AJ gets his inspiration from, as well as from his own creativity.

  “I’ve always liked to make music and a lot of the other rappers I listen to started when they were my age. Seeing them on the big stage just motivated me to make music. If they can do it I can do it,” De Chavez said.