Technology: What it Really Does to our Society

  Communication between people are taking a toll due to the increase use of technology. I believe that the effects of things like social media have more negative results than positive. Young kids today seem to be to be awkward and uncomfortable while having conversations with adults. They have trouble coming up with responses to keep the talk flowing and even struggle with simple things like maintaining eye-contact. Also students are always fidgeting around because they do not know what else to do. Another complicated thing due to technology for teens are giving presentations. The amount of technology that is used in students everyday lives have made some shy and knowing less of how to get up in front of a class. They also lack confidence too. Most teens do not like to talk on the phone either. They would rather text while hiding behind a screen rather than having a real conversation actually using their mouths. It’s true that apps like facebook and instagram help share the personal lives of many, but they have poor long-term effects as well. It is important for us to know the effects of technology so that we can have a healthy balance between electronics and communication in our modern world today.