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Tropical Cyclone Strikes

Precious Bennett, Web Team

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I cannot be the only one wondering what on earth is happening to the world right now? We’ve been having tropical storm after tropical storm and it’s getting crazy. I can’t help but notice that everything has been really weird since the solar eclipse. I remember the day of the solar eclipse, it rained very bad that night. It was absolutely horrendous, so horrendous that I didn’t have power for about twelve hours. My question is, is there an explanation for this? What is going on?

Hurricane Harvey just hit Texas and certain parts of the state were left underwater. I was shocked to learn that scientists were actually predicting Hurricane Harvey. I’m well aware that meteorologists have jobs that they must perform and tracking storms is apart of that job, but I wonder if they knew the severity of it and the damage it would leave in it’s wake? Just days after Hurricane Harvey, there is yet another hurricane on the way: Hurricane Irma. I also learned that not only is that storm beginning to form, but there are two more hurricanes brewing as well! We have Hurricane Irma, Katia, and Jose. A tropical triple threat. This is probably an unconventional time to make jokes, but it seems to me like Irma’s caught in a bit of a love triangle.

On a serious note, I really hope that everybody stays safe throughout these storms. Millions of us across the world will keep you in our prayers.

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