What is Thespian Conference?


Students Tyler Parsons, Bellamy Brockman, Shay Person, and Kate Degarmo enjoying conference activities

On January 4th, Liberty North thespians packed their bags and headed to their annual theatre event- Thespian Conference. Many schools around the state of Missouri go to this conference, attending workshops on theater technical and performing skills, seeing productions, and developing troupe unity.

“Thespian conference is where a lot of theater students around the state of Missouri get together and you have workshops you can go to,” says Thespian President Bellamy Brockman.

Brockman then goes on to explain that workshops can consist of learning about how to make fake blood, getting information about auditioning for colleges and Disney, etc. They can also provide information about the technical aspects of theater; as the conference is not exclusive to performers. They also had lots of exciting opportunities for seniors.

“Something that I did was that I auditioned for the panel of college representatives for scholarship money,” Brockman says. Even if the scholarship isn’t awarded, Brockman explained that the experience is helpful on resumés and applications, and just for the sake of getting your name out there.

The thespians also had the opportunity to see main stage shows every night. This was a great opportunity for troupe unity and also to inspire the thespians when working on their own productions.

“We saw a play one night, a musical one night, and another play in the afternoon,” said Brockman.

As a part of their workshops, they would spectate or participate in competitions in different events to have the opportunity to go to the national tournament based on their rating. 

“So each school can bring one person from each category,” says Brockman. This could be a dance, a vocal solo, a monologue, etc. This year, Liberty North had the privilege of sending Gracie Schwalm and Ava Powers to move on in their vocal duet event.