The Time Jump

A Daylight Savings opinion piece


   Daylight Savings, is it worth it? I’m sure many people are aware of Daylight Savings and what they are. When we “Fall Back,” everything is pushed an hour later. However when we “Spring Forward,”  everything gets set an hour later. 
        With this in mind, I think that Daylight Savings is extremely useless and we should ban them in the United States. I know that may sound harsh, but they genuinely no longer have a use in modern-day society.
  How did Daylight Savings originate? This practice originated around 1918, it was put in place as a war act to help farmers have enough sunlight throughout the day to continue farming. Knowing this, some may ask, “don’t farmers still need this period of time?” I don’t think they do, especially since artificial sunlight can be made with the usage of lights or even greenhouses!
  In summary, Daylight Savings is not necessary nor really wanted by people such as myself While I wish the American government would abolish it entirely, it seems that an ongoing debate is still being held in regard to Daylight Savings. So, for now, it stays, much to my disappointment.