The 1975 Concert Review


I was so grateful for the opportunity to see The 1975 in concert for the second time. After seeing them at Buzz Beach Ball, I wasn’t sure they could honestly get any better than that. Having to wait in line for three hours wasn’t the highlight of the night, but it was definitely worth the wait. The opening bands were pretty good, but by 10:00 I was beyond ready to see Matty and the boys come out. They finally did, and their whole set was amazing. The crowd wasn’t quite as hyped as they were at buzz beach ball, but it was still a fun scene. The band was able to keep the crowd dancing and singing all night, which was a cool sight to see. Between each song, Matty managed to mumble so sort of drunken slur that was hard to understand under his thick English accent, which was pretty entertaining. It was surprising to see a lot of older people you could tell didn’t really belong, but even they got into the music. After the show was over, I couldn’t hear much of anything, and suffered from a little post concert depression, but overall, I had a really great time at the concert and will definitely go see them again.