Senior Spotlight: Quentin Cachia


Image from: Jazlyn Summers

Think you know senior Quentin Cachia? Check these facts out:

  • Proudest atypical accomplishment: I made my own chocolate chip cookie recipe about 6 years ago and still use it. 
  • Most prized collection: My seashell collection from all the tropical places i’ve been able to visit. 
  • Biggest (non-serious fear): WASPS.
  • The first job you wanted when you were a little kid: I wanted to be a pediatrician
  • High-school superlative: Definitely most likely to be on vacation during the school week. 
  •  Go-to comfort-binge TV show: The Office for sure. 
  • Celebrity crush: MARGOT ROBBIE. 
  •  If you could get any tattoo, what would you get: A small cross for a reminder of who my Savior truly is.
  •  Last meal on Earth be: Tacos with chips and guacamole. 
  • Trip you most want to take, but haven’t yet: Have to get to Greece and Egypt.
  •  2021 spotify wrapped: Had a high amount of Taylor Swift this year.
  •   Favorite word: Quintessence.
  • Biggest superstition: Mark Zuckerberg is an extraterrestrial.
  •  Most unusual/severe illness you’ve ever experienced: Pneumonia twice, it was awful.  
  •  Most unusual pet you’d wish to own: I would love to own a huge black python or panther.
  •  Contest you’ve won: My most recent would be me and my partner winning our debate tournament!
  • What animal would you be if you knew you’d be reincarnated as an animal: An owl.
  • First concert you ever attended: An Ed Sheeran concert. 
  • Last ‘normal day’ pre-Covid: I was at tennis practice when they announced our 2 week break and ended up going camping that night. 
  • ONE feature you’d add to Instagram: I would add a feature that allowed you to change the order of pictures and videos after you post them.