Reader’s Theatre, Speech, and Debate Make State!


Mak Morgan, General Manager

  The 22-23 seasons of Reader’s Theatre and Speech & Debate, both have made State. In April, Reader’s Theatre and Speech & Debate teams will travel to Springfield for State Championships. 

  For sophomore Ava Powers, it’s all about the opportunity and the friends to share it with. Powers qualified in Speech for State.

   “I was super excited about making state! It’s an awesome opportunity, and getting to perform alongside my friends is awesome. Being a district champion isn’t too bad either,”  said Powers.

 For some, it is their first year making state, but for Senior Addie Kimmerle, it is not her second year but her third year qualifying for Missouri State Debate.         

   I’m really excited to compete with my partner, Olivia Walker, one last time. She and I have spent hours practicing and preparing for this tournament so it’s special to see it all come together finally. I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish at states,” Said Kimmerle. 

   Joining Kimmerle and Powers at State, 25 students for Readers Theatre and 12 students for Speech and Debate. Good Luck Everyone!