Mizzou High School Choir Festival

Choir Field Trip


      On September 12th, LNHS along with a few other high school choirs went to Mizzou for a Choir Festival.

     “Singing with so many other people was a very fun way to open up to the opportunity of stronger harmonies and sound,” Freshman Lainey Beaty said.

     They worked with Dr. Derrick Fox on three songs and then performed them that afternoon.

     “The experience and lessons we had while there was cool and it was awesome to sing with so many people in that short amount of time,” Freshman Lillian Bryant said.

     Even though they only had a little over three hours to work, they performed amazingly.

     “It was really cool singing with all of those people and getting to hear everyone around making the mistakes on the same song and then making it better with everyone,” Freshman Sophia Glavin said.

     The room was filled with so many great sounds and everyone had a great time.

     “I am so very glad I went because it was a great learning experience and so much fun,” Freshman Lydia Hoffman said.