Liberty’s Fall Festival


Image from: Dr. Justin Doss

Maia Gaddis, Editor-In-Chief of Writing

     From September 23 to 25, the Liberty Fall Festival will be celebrating its 45th anniversary at the Historic Liberty Square. This festival will be coming back strong as it contains 200 artists and vendors, arts and crafts, a carnival, and a parade featuring Liberty North’s marching band.

     “I’m looking forward to both the parade and other things at the festival. Being in the parade is pretty fun, but the Fall Festival in general is a cool thing to be a part of. It’s definitely a fun community gathering for everyone living in Liberty,” junior Sindhu Roa said.

     Roa will be playing the flute in the marching band during the parade along with many others. In preparation, these students put in the work in order to memorize a routine.

     “We have early morning rehearsals almost every day before school. Sometimes during that time we practice parade marching while going around the track. We usually end up practicing it for about half an hour,” Roa said.

     The parade will begin at 11:00am on September 24th, highlighting not only Liberty North students, but members of the community as well, such as police officers and small business owners. This isn’t the only thing people attend, as there are many other opportunities at the festival.

     “I spend a lot of my time in the carnival area with all the arcades, rides, and food booths with my friends. I like getting the slushy boba from one of the food booths. The dessert booth with the brownies and chocolate strawberries is also amazing,” junior Riley Oshel said.