Holiday Traditions with Haley

Get ready, it’s Christmas time!


Christmas time in my family is a time of traditions. Over the years my family and other families have come up with their own family traditions. As a Christmas loving person, I am going to rate my family Christmas traditions.


Decorating a Christmas tree – A very popular tradition, but it can be quite fun! It is very entertaining to pick the different ornaments to hang on the branches. Though, it can get tiring and can be time consuming. This can occasionally cause small fights over ornaments or branches if you are doing it with younger kids or siblings. Overall 6/10

Gingerbread houses – This is another very American tradition. Lots of fun choosing the different candies and items to decorate the house with. Can get a little time consuming and can be tedious depending on what design you are going for. Overall 8/10

Baking holiday treats – This a big tradition for many households. If you like baking this can be very enjoyable. You get to create different tasty treats and can also double as gifts for family members. Depending on what you are making and how much you are making it can get expensive. Overall 9/10

Going to the Nutcracker – This is a very fun tradition for my family and I. We love watching the different dancers and costumes they have every year. The tickets can get pricey pretty quickly. Overall 8/10