Fashion: An InDepth Look


Alison Engelage, Reporter

Fashion. Something that’s been around for years and years. A piece of clothing that allows a person to show who they are without having to voice it. Fashion has evolved from women having to wear long corset dresses to being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. In my opinion the best era for women’s clothing was the 1970’s. The bell bottoms in the 70’s with the flowy shirts to match. It was a look that could be dressed casually or dressed up to be more fancy. 

 The women in the 70’s would wear maxi dresses and patterned skirts with knee high boots and they would have their hair and makeup to match.  In my opinion it was so beautiful and eye-catching. As the years went on women started having more freedom with their clothing. Having more of their clothing inspired by men’s clothing. In 1974 Bianca Jagger the British frontman of The Rolling Stones wore a tuxedo. New patterns for tuxedo’s became a big thing such as animal prints and allowing fur coats to be accessorized. As women started working outside of their own homes women looked more into trousers and wrap dresses. 

Menswear in the 1970’s became brighter and bolder. It was acceptable for them to wear bright colors and have their hair long. in the early 70’s men would wear turtlenecks, slim-fitting shirts, and tight-fitting flared pants giving them that tall, lean figure. Shirts and trousers became tighter and popularized by the hippies starting in the 1960’s continuing into the 1970’s. Just like the womenswear embracing menswear style the menswear is starting to become gender-neutral. Most men that resulted in wearing tight jeans, shirts and sweaters were now worn by both men and women. In today’s fashion you see most if not all people wearing whatever they please and whatever symbolizes them as a person. Most styles now are just whatever that person likes. From sweatpants to wide-leg jeans. Clothing can be and is so much more. From dressing an outfit up to be more dressy and classy or dressing it down to be more simple and casual.