Coach Lierman on football and family.

Andrew Lierman is Liberty North’s newest coach, he’s quite a big deal currently among the students that go to the school!
Coach Lierman is a resident of Missouri. Despite this he still had quite the journey to get to Liberty North, “I come from Lexington, Missouri. I started teaching and coaching in 2004 at Liberty High School. I left there after eight years to become a Head coach in my hometown, and then got hired by Coach Jones in Kearny. After four years in Kearney, we came to Liberty North as a defensive coordinator… And the rest is history,” Lierman said.
Last year we had quite a lot of success with our games, Head Coach Lierman seems to continuously hope for the same luck this year, “I am very hopeful for the upcoming games. We have a great team of players who work hard and are fun to coach. They’re competitors, so that makes it even more enjoyable to coach them!” Andy Lierman said.
Like some, Coach Lierman enjoys just spending time with family. “I am a pretty regular joe… I love coaching and teaching here at North and love being a dad. I am so thankful for the support that I receive here at North and I look forward to coaching and helping keep the school culture positive,” Coach Lierman said.
Lierman is devoted to his wife and kids, “I really enjoy just being a dad. Spending time with my three kids and wife is my favorite thing to do,” Coach Lierman said.
Amber Lierman is Coach Lierman’s wife and the North Nation by Design math teacher, she had many positive things to say as well, “When Coach Lierman and I started dating, some of our favorite things included working out, and we really love going out to country clubs together. Our most favorite thing is doing a lot of family things together, we have three young children. Our children love doing outdoor activities. Going to the beach and hiking in the mountains are some of our like favorite things to do,” North Nation by design teacher Amber Lierman said.
While the Lierman’s are passionate about football, they enjoy country clubs and music. “He knows every word to the songs he listens to and I’m the goofy one who pretends to know all the songs that I listen to,” Amber Lierman said.
Family is important to the Lierman family as well. “My boys will tell you they love to wrestle and play football with him. Last night after practice my sons said, “Dad can you throw me a round so we can practice?” Both my boys love football. My daughter, anytime she gets with her dad, they go to Starbucks together. Sometimes she can get him to just take her shopping too. There’s a lot of Xbox at my house, my son just got a Madden 23’ game so he’s like “when are we gonna play that?!” Our time is pretty limited in the season, so if we have time we enjoy watching the Chiefs games together and that’s about it,” Amber Lierman said.