A Monstrously Good Time


   Monster Hunter World is the fifth main release of the Monster Hunter franchise. It is the first of the franchise to be released simultaneously around the world, in lue of in Japan first. Monster Hunter World brings many new things to the table that not every player (unless you’re a big fan of the franchise) will notice. One of the biggest is a story. In older games the story was less present. From the opening of this game you are introduced into a understandable story, a very powerful monster is trekking to the New World, and you must figure out why. The game also introduces a very expanded open world that is beautiful to look at.


   As someone new to the franchise, as I was, I am pleasantly surprised. I expected the game to be lame and kind of a grind until you got to the higher levels where you can have fun. Instead you are immediately introduced to fun combat, and interesting levels and monsters. By far my favorite thing about the game the combat. It’s extremely fast and makes you feel powerful, that is until a monster swipes at you letting you know where you stand on the food chain. The story is relatively interesting, enough to drive the game, but isn’t why you would or should play the game. The point, and funnest part, is to hunt monsters.


   There’s an expansive world to explore and fight it as well as a decent story, but beyond that there isn’t too much in this game. Other than basic crafting most the game is fighting, so it’s a good thing the combat is fun. I think if you want a game to soak up some time with a smile on your face this game is for you. Overall, I would give the game a 8/10. I think it’s really fun and incredibly well done, but the story is a little lackluster and the game can get a little dry sometimes.