Kindness Klub


Brecklyn Camp, Reporter

     Kindness Klub has been around for two years and has quickly exploded into one of the most popular clubs in the school.

     “Being in Kindness Klub there’s just a lot of positive energy and we like to have a lot of positive energy in the club and within the members,” Junior Kaitlyn Otte said.

     Kindness Klub was started in late 2020, by 2022 graduate Emma Huyser and has been growing ever since.    

     “When I went to sign up at the table it was like really crowded. Like everybody was joining Kindness Klub,” Freshman Abigail Anderson said.

     On August 29th, the Kindness Klub had its first meeting with over 100 students in the library.

      “I thought the meeting went very, very well. We had a great turnout, we had lots of doughnuts and lots of fun seeing everybody for the first time this year. I’m really excited to see us work with other people and different organizations for service projects,” Otte said.