Gas App: The New BeReal?

Is it really what it seems?


Rating #1 in the app store right now, above Be Real, is the Gas app. The app “Gas” is an anonymous poll voting app for high school students. Students are able to vote for different varieties of things from the smartest to the funniest classmate. But people from other schools, including Liberty North, have different opinions over this new trending app.

Gas is an app to spread positivity and jokes throughout schools, but as the app ratings went up, the adult peers’ concerns went up with it.  

“The slogan, “See who likes you,” is what you see when you search the app ‘Gas’ on a smartphone. The app has parents and counselors concerned about privacy issues,”  Kim Rafferty of WSAZ Channel 3 said. 

Teenagers are constantly checking their phones to see who said what about who and what others think of them. Not only does this app portray bad habits for teenagers, but it also was thrown into a huge social media theory that it may even be a sex trafficking app. 

When students download the app they put in their age, school, grade, and name. Then, they are anonymous throughout the entire experience and are forced to share the app with contacts on their phone in order to get hints as to who said what. 

When the owners of the company heard about the rumor they went to social media to comment on the subject to try and clear up the “hoax” they claim it to be.

“We assure you that the safety of your children is at our highest concern. We have recognized the ongoing rumor and are here to say it is a hoax and the app was purely made to have fun voting with your friends,” Nikita Bier, the founder of Gas, said.