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Final Countdown

Autumn Shibley, Reporter

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The month of December brings holiday spirit, joy, and excitement for Christmas, that is, unless you’re a high school student. Liberty North finals are right around the corner, taking place on Monday the 19th, Tuesday the 20th, and Wednesday the 21st.

Over the course of first semester, each class has set up units of study and multiple quizzes to help guide to the overall big final. For freshman, this is their first time taking finals, so it has become a bigger thought as time has gone on throughout the year so far.

“Decent scores are just a matter of how well someone pays attention in class and how well the material is known over the semester or the year, typically making it less scary,” junior Chris Gooch said.

Finals are known for being a big portion of each class’ grade, so as time gets closer to the testing day, studying increasingly gets more important.

“The hardest part about finals, from experience, is getting the motivation to actually study and do stuff to make the finals easier,” sophomore Autumn Teel said.

Although it has become difficult to get the motivation to study, students have developed different methods on how to make studying more enjoyable to help them as they get closer to finals.

“I’ve been studying with all of my friends and we’ve been doing our class work together,” freshman Jami Parker said.

In the meantime, teachers have been giving helpful tools to students that are used to help them study over the major concepts needed to know for that specific final. Although most homework and study guides are looked over, these tools are starting points to how a student should study and what the need to know.

“Study guides and note cards tend to help me a lot when looking for what I need to know for the finals,” Teel said.

Studying for the finals comes in patterns, putting the hardest concepts to be looked over first and then the easier to remember information to be reviewed briefly.

“I spend a lot of time studying my honor classes concepts because I know it’ll be more difficult than other classes that aren’t as challenging,” Parker said.

Semester finals are just the mid-units tested, while the overall final that looks over everything learned over that course of the full year. Although the end of year final is a lot of concepts to be tested over, the students who have taken finals before have developed their own feelings towards both of the finals.

“First semester tends to be more difficult but as soon as you get to end of year finals, you’re like ‘oh this is easy’,” Teel said.

As students inch their way closer and closer to finals, the importance of schoolwork is considered in different ways, as well as the importance of not stressing too hard.

“Do not stress about it super hard, just kind of relax and know whatever happens, happens and it’ll be fine in the end,” Teel said.

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