Christmas Time?

Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?


This subject is a constant debate between friends: is it really too early to start decorating for Christmas?

“I think it’s not fair to Thanksgiving and it’s also not fair to Halloween because if you still have Halloween candy it’s not a time for Christmas,” said junior Josh Douglas.

It’s that time of year again holidays are coming up and so is winter break. Even though it’s November, there are some people who are so overwhelmed with excitement that they have already set up their Christmas decorations, despite it only being the beginning of November.

“To a certain extent I think it’s too early but like my family and I already started decorating because we wanna enjoy it for a really long time before Christmas even comes,” sophomore Kaitlynn Libly said.

While a lot of people who celebrate Christmas have decided to decorate and get ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving, there are people who think it is too early.

“I mean it’s not even December and we are even more than a month before it’s the 8th of November and Christmas is on the 25th of next month so I feel like that’s a pretty valid point of why it’s too early to decorate,” said Douglas.

Some people start as early as the first week of November to start the Christmas decorating which is right after Halloween ends.

“When I decorate my room for Christmas is when I start celebrating Christmas and well that was last weekend,” said Libly.

There are two different opinions but the one thing that both opinions share is that they make people happy.

“I feel like it’s a little early but no judgment here if it makes you happy it makes you happy,” Said teacher Mrs. Stuber.