The Next Chapter


Hi, I’m Bryson Prindle. I’m a junior here at LNHS and this is Prindle’s Perspective. Here I will talk mostly about things going on with movies, games, and other stuff that I enjoy. You can expect a lot of talk over Fortnite updates, and new Fallout content (Most likely 76), as well as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies or tv series.

December 3rd marked the last day of Chapter 3 and brought us into the Fractured event, where The Herald took over the island with her Chrome and destroyed it. We then had to build a new island by restoring the Zero Point and its power. Now that the new chapter is out let’s take a look at what’s new, what’s old, and whether it’s any good.

This new chapter hasn’t brought much back from previous chapters, but it did bring some goods back. In terms of weapons, we finally got back the beloved SCAR, the Tactical AR, Combat Shotgun, the Machine Pistol, the RPG, and the bows from Chapter 2 Season 6. We also got the Burst Assault rifle and Heavy Shotgun back. A completely new loot pool arrived consisting of two new shotguns, a new pistol and SMG, and a new rifle, with only the DMR coming back from Chapter 3. We got back the Impulse Grenade, which is a grenade that sends you flying into the sky. We got the new Shockwave Hammer: a melee weapon that lets you bounce around the map, the Falcon Scout item: a sort of recon drone, and the Guadian Sheild. As well as the Ex-Caliber Rifle: a gun that shoots explosive swords. We also got a new consumable known as Slap Juice. Slap Juice gives you infinite stamina and a little health.

While no POIs(Points of Interest) returned, we have some that are very familiar. Frenzy Fields, for example, is a farm that’s name seems to be derived from Frenzy Farm and Fatal Fields, both of which were also farms from Chapter 2 and Chapter 1 respectively. Lonely Labs is at the very edge of our new island and it seems to utilize the same textures as Frosty Flights from Chapter 1’s snow biome. Maybe it’s a tease for planes, they were said to come back last season. You can also find the Cuddle Team Leader head from Rave Cave southeast of Faulty Splits and the Tilted Towers clock tower can be found inside a mountain northwest of Brutal Bastion. Maybe the mountain will melt, bringing Tilted Towers to the game for a fourth go at being the most try-hard drop spot ever.

This chapter brought us plenty of new mechanics to play around with. We got the ability to claim POIs which will reveal the locations of players and chests to you for a short period of time. There are now augmentations that give you special abilities, like the Tactical Armory perk which gives you a Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun. That is the only way to get those weapons so don’t expect to find any in chests. We also got a new way to move around the map: hurdling! Hurdling lets you, well, hurdle over smaller objects by running at them. Our final addition was the long-awaited Dirtbike. We were waiting for the Dirtbike since Chapter 3 Season 3, and now they are finally here.

That should wrap up our new chapter. Although the Battle Pass is actually pretty good. We got a vampire hunter, another anime skin, Geno, the Doom Slayer from Doom, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, a moon goddess, a skater (I think), and a baseball player. Anyways, that’s all this time. Now go have some fun.