Paradise… Maybe?


Hi, I’m Bryson Prindle. I’m a junior here at LNHS and this is Prindle’s Perspective. Here I will talk mostly about things going on with movies, games, and other stuff that I enjoy. You can expect a lot of talk over Fortnite updates, and new Fallout content (Most likely 76), as well as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies or tv series.

A week ago, Fortnite Season 3 came to a close, and in came Season 4. Now here’s the question: Is it any good? Well, let’s glide in and check it out. We will cover three things: map changes, new additions to the game, and what we lost, as well as stuff to come as this so-called Paradise evolves.

The map of Fortnite has changed drastically since the game first came out and this season is no different. Some of the new POIs (Point of Interest) this season include the Herald’s Sanctum, Cloudy Condos, Shimmering Shrines, and Lustrous Lagoon. Everyone’s favorite body of water, Loot Lake, came back, and locations that arrived earlier in the chapter have gotten altered with a throwback theme. Joneses got reinforced, now called Fort Jonesy, and we’ve got locations that will fly around the map, and most other changes turned already existing locations chrome.

Now with updates coming out weekly, it’s no wonder the loot pool is constantly changing and ever-evolving. This season we got new weapons like the EvoChrome Rifle and Shotgun. We got back the Lever-Action Shotgun, Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper, and the Suppressed SMG. We did unfortunately lose the Hunting Rifle, Flare Gun, Grapple Gloves, and a couple of shotguns and SMGs. The Chrome Splash is a new item that, when thrown, turns anything within its blast radius to chrome. When chrome, they heal over time and you can phase through them. If you are chrome you may also turn into a blob that allows you to move faster. The Port-A-Bunker is another new item that spawns a 1-by-1 structure for some portable high ground. Kenobi would be proud.

When something new is coming, you can always expect leaks, so let’s talk about those. We’ve got a new Halloween-themed boss coming, a Miles Morales skin, Motorcycles, a First-Person mode, plus the return of Klombo and the most controversial vehicles ever. Mechs and Planes were hated among the Fortnite community because they were so overpowered. Planes could obviously fly, could fit an entire squad, and they had machine guns, they were literally flying death machines, and they were fast so hitting them was hard. Epic had to add a whole new item just to counter the Mechs! The return of Klombo has been anticipated since they went into hibernation when Season 2 started and Season 3 brought bad news in the form of a skull from one of these gentle giants near Logjam. We were devastated. However, Epic has been updating our dino pals. So hopefully they will return soon.

That’s about it for this season so far. If you want Battle Pass talk well… We got The Paradigm, a guy that has been corrupted by the chrome, a member of the Peace Syndicate, a goth cat, an anime skin, a slurp bear, The Herald, and Spider-Gwen. I’d say it’s worth it just for The Paradigm and Spider-Gwen, maybe even The Herald, but that’s up to you. Have fun this season and wish Fortnite a happy 5th birthday! Make sure to enjoy this Paradise, it won’t last long.