From Baseball to Board Meetings


Madison Tucker

              My dad exposed me to Cardinals baseball at an early age. As a toddler, I’d snuggle up next to him in the radiantly lit sunroom on Sunday afternoons for weekly “Daddy-Daughter” baseball bonding time. Ever since I’ve been an avid St. Louis fan.  Though now residing in Kansas City is a bit awkward, if anything the conflict has fueled my fandom. Little Madison had a vague understanding of her father’s professional title, but it never defined him. My dad was simply my dad and still is. As a high school principal’s toddler, I learned the ropes fairly quickly. I’d stroll into the high school like a tech startup CEO (classy, sophisticated, fairly awkward yet charismatic), promptly say hello to the administrative assistants, and march into my dad’s office anticipating a big ol’ hug.  (All this happened under maternal supervision, of course.) My favorite part of his office was the Cardinal’s lamp on his desk. The on/off pull switch made a satisfying sound too, an absolute plus. Sometimes, I’d sneak into the break room and hunt for food. Being the adorable child I was, the office staff found it difficult to scold me for breaking and entering. Needless to say, my affinity for sweets might have originated there.  

             The year before Kindergarten I went through a (minor) identity crisis. No longer was I the “adorable principal’s kid,” but instead the “adorable superintendent’s kid.” Preschool was when I truly started to realize my dad’s job was different from other kids’ parents. As a staff member’s kid, I attended the district’s “staff kids” preschool. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time there (shout out to Ms. Tammy and Ms. Shelly!), it was noticeable my family was unique. Since my mom stayed at home, I only went to school two times a week, in comparison to my classmates whose parents both worked during the day. Sometimes I’d miss special activities because I wasn’t in class, only to hear about how fun they were the next day. However, I wouldn’t trade the time spent with my mom for anything, especially now that I’m approaching college. 

             Fast forward to high school, and I’ve experienced transferring districts, countless snow day questions, and numerous adult introductions. While being “the superintendent’s kid” definitely comes with its perks and laugh-worthy stories, there’s been a fair share of learning curves and intense moments too. With much unknown, the past two years have brought many times of comfort zone stretching and reflection, much brought on by my family’s strategic position in our community. Regardless of the ups and downs, I’m thankful for how this position has, and is, uniquely maturing me. The older I get, the more I realize many of my life perspectives wouldn’t exist without my “admin’s kid” upbringing. 

            In an exercise of authenticity and dialogue, I invite you to go along this journey with me as I publically reflect on my past, present, and future as the “superintendent’s kid.” My hope is that these entries will encourage you to reflect on your own upbringing and the pivotal positions that helped create who you are today. No matter where you come from, we all have a story. And who knows? Maybe this peek into my world will help you discover new parts of yours. So get ready, because Supt’s Scoop is coming your way from the quirky superintendent’s kid with a whole lot of stories to share. You won’t want to miss it!


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