Time for Trunk or Treat!!!!

Haley Calvin, Photographer/Writer

   From cheerleaders to zombies, anyone can trunk or treat in style. On October 27, LNHS hosted a trunk or treat involving different school clubs.

   “Fresh stands for reasons to exercise safe habits and we’re promoting happy, safe, and healthy schools as long as inclusivity,” junior fresh executive Mary Kimmerle said. 

   All types of clubs that promote different mottos signed up to pass out halloween candy to kids from all over the community.  

   “My favorite thing about trunk or treat is seeing everyone in the community come together, especially all of the clubs. I also like seeing all of the kids in their different costumes,” senior Zachary Lead said.

   Each year the clubs decide on what theme they want to do for their club. Every club decorates their trunk for kids to look at when they pass by. 

   “We were thinking of different TV shows and movies that reminded us of Halloween when we were kids. So we decided on doing Scooby Doo for our theme,” senior Lindy McKee said. 

   When it is officially time for the LNHS trunk or treat club volunteers and visitors are encouraged to wear a costume of their choice.    

   “I love seeing all of the adorable little kids and babies dressed up in their cute little Halloween costumes. It always makes me happy,” sophomore Saige Kelly said.