Why Americans Love Scary Video Games (And Being Scared In General)

Santana Cervantes, Reporter

Most people are scared of everything. Some people like to be scared. Especially when they play video games.

A new study recently published revealed that most Americans love horror/macabre video games because of the interactive engagement involved. That basically means that we Americans know that something horrific is about to happen and may make us jump out of our seats, but we love that feeling.

This study also revealed more psychological attributes: We like to feel like we’re alive in the game, which creates more presence of fear, which presumes to be the reason why we love horror. We all know that we are not actually IN the game, (unless you have a VR game), but physically our brains respond differently, therefore provoking that essence of fear that we love.

The last piece of the study covered the big reason why we love macabre games: we feel brave that we made it to the end of the game, therefore allowing fear to be conquered in some occasions.

Halloween is right around the corner, I wonder how many people are stocking up on horror games so they can survive haunted houses and other macabre features they might encounter. As said by the Mistress of the Dark herself, “Unpleasant Dreams.”