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Liberty North artists

Devon Morrison, Reporter

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There are many interesting artists at Liberty North High School. Each artist is unique and enjoys different things.
“If I’m going to view art I’ll probably view paintings. I like paintings. It’s where I’ve been trained the most and I understand what it takes to create the images. I like to try to figure out how they created it, It’s like problem solving.” Art teacher Steve Person said.
Some artists enjoy art forms that aren’t always seen as art.
“My favorite form of art is animation. I like the way images come to life and take the form of imagination. It’s not limited.” Senior Keith Williamson said.
Art is always changing and developing and so are artists.
“I draw a lot more now which has developed my style better. In the beginning I was influenced by my sister and dad’s work but when I started public school I got into anime and I just kind of experimented and doodled.” Sophomore Lilly Brown said.
Inspiration for art can come from many places. Sometimes it comes from internal places and talent.
“I’ve just always kind of done art, I’ve never not been making it. I can’t imagine myself not doing it.” Brown said.
Sometimes inspiration can come from places that may be more unconventional.
“I have never been the type of artist that is motivated by the internal need to create a vision. I come from a much more objective side of art. I struggle with art for art’s sake, personally. Having a problem and solving a problem is what gets me excited.” Person said.
Not all art is enjoyable for everyone. Some types of art may not be as appealing as others.
“My least favorite form of art is abstract art. It seems like there’s no skill behind it.” Williamson said.
Others may have different opinions.
“My least favorite form of art is probably assemblage or fibre art. It seems to rely too heavily on concept and not enough on craft.” Person said.
Many artists also enjoy other people’s work.
“I like most of what Dali does. I like work from M.C. Escher. It’s hard to say favorite. I went to school with a man named Dan Marks and his current work now is very good.” Person said.

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