Starbucks Prices Are on the Rise

Prices at Starbucks have gone up dramatically will this effect their future sales?


Image from: Haley Dillard

Starbucks fall treats make a come back. The new Owl cake pop, Apple Crisp Oat-milk Macchiato, the pumpkin scone and Pumpkin Cream cold brew featured above.

Haley Dillard , Reporter/Photographer

As the fall season hits, Starbucks prices have gone up four percent due to inflation. 

The grande hot Pumpkin Spice Latte will cost customers between $5.45 and $5.95 depending on the location and is set to rise even higher in the future.

 “I definitely see the prices going way up in the future. Prices will probably go to an unsettling state that would cause anger among their most loyal customers,” senior Victoria Knoche said. 

Even though Starbucks prices have risen at a dramatic rate some customers will still indulge in their favorite fall treats. 

“I love my Pumpkin Spice Latte and don’t care about the price. I guess if they have a good deal on something else I might try it but for now the PSL is my favorite,”  junior Megan Scott said.

Starbucks’ fall menu has introduced many new items: the Owl Cake Pop, the Apple Crisp Macchiato has returned with a twist; it is now made with creamy oat milk and blonde espresso, and many of the fan favorite originals make a return. 

“The Pumpkin cream cold brew iced and the pumpkin scone are my favorite. The PC has a stronger coffee flavor I love and the foam is amazing but 5.25 is a ridiculous price,” Knoche said.  

Many Starbucks customers wait all year for their favorite fall treats, but the season quickly ends, leaving many disappointed. If only the pumpkin spice season could last a bit longer or maybe have select favorites pop in more often.

“I think these menu items should only be seasonal because pumpkin only sounds yummy in the fall,” Scott said.

Starbucks’ local competitors also have unique fall menus featuring double the items, costing half the price, yet the Frappuccino fans continue to return regardless of the price.

“Other places locally have a decent fall menu but Starbucks is my go to. I get Starbucks three times in a generous week which is definitely worth it even with the price increase,” Knoche said.