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Boba Tea Hive gains some traction around Liberty


   Many people get drinks throughout the day, whether it’s a morning coffee, a mid-day water, or an afternoon tea. After a while, most drinks can become dull. Luckily for Liberty, a local, family-owned Boba Shop is open and serving customers while giving delicious drinks.

   Boba, while not the warmest drink for the winter, always seems to be popular among teens, most likely due to how it tastes.

   “My favorite thing to get is a bit complicated, but it’s so good every time. I usually order a tiger milk tea because it’s sweet while having a little bit of a cinnamon or brown sugar taste to it. As for the boba, I like to put either the chewy tapioca balls in it or honey bursting. The bursting ones are similar to gushers, you bite down and they just pop. They’re delicious.” sophomore Anna Walsh said.

   The good thing about the Hive is that the menu is so diverse that almost everyone has a different go-to. 

   “Honestly, I think that it’s a pretty underrated establishment. They sell more than just boba, which I don’t think a lot of people realize. As for me, I usually get a chai milk tea with tapioca boba. If I’m in the mood for something more refreshing, though, I usually opt out for a lavender Italian soda because it sounds fancy and chic.” sophomore Gemma Summers said. 

   While the drinks are amazing, lots of people enjoy the scenery surrounding the Hive in general.

   “I usually prefer ordering an iced horchata with tapioca pearls and lychee jelly. I like going because the waiting time for your drinks is pretty short and it’s a great spot for pictures.” sophomore Ellie Bishop said.

   Others who aren’t familiar with the cafe’s ordering system can find it a bit confusing, luckily the online menu usually does an outstanding job of sorting everything out for newcomers.
  “I thought the banana milk tea with strawberry boba looked pretty good. I don’t usually have drinks like boba, so trying something new for once was nice.” junior Carson Harris said.

   While the drinks make this cafe stand out, the scenery also adds to its charming factor.

   “I love the location because it’s super cute. The interior theme of the cafe is all about bees which I thought was clever. It’s not too big, not too small. Perfect for hanging out with my friends and taking some nice pictures. As for my order, I usually get a lavender slushie. It tastes super refreshing.” sophomore Ayla Doss said.

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