Reflecting on State Cross Country Celebrations

State Champion Level Pride!

 On November 4, 2022, both the boys’ and girls’ varsity teams ran in the state meet at the Gans Creek course. The Men’s Cross Country team took home the state title this past season, while Junior Sage Wilde finished first in the race, becoming the individual state champion. 

   “The morning before the race, I was trying to stay calm and trust in my training. I knew what I was capable of if I ran my own race, I just tried not to worry about anyone else,” Wilde said.

   Wilde put in many miles over the years, training for moments like these. 

   “Sage has been running twice a day since his freshman year. He may have taken a few days off when he was sick or preparing for a big race, but he has probably put in 350 double runs every year for almost 3 years now,” coach David Chatlos said. 

   As well as training with his teammates, Wilde also set up his own routines. 

   “He’d do normal runs with us, but when it came to workouts he was running by himself because he’s just on another level,” senior Jorge PerezRuiz said. 

   Wilde didn’t reveal how much work he put in over the summer in order to keep his competitive advantage. According to Chatlos, however, Wilde’s advantage can’t be measured in miles.

   “Sage has the rare ability to push himself beyond comfort more than most people. He is willing to go through more pain and discomfort than anyone else. He races to see who has the most guts and he is one of the gutsiest kids I’ve met,” Chatlos said. 

   Just 15:05.9 after the starting gun went off, Wilde crossed the line. As well as an individual title for Wilde himself, the Liberty North Varsity boys took home the state title. 

   “It was awesome to get the win individually but it meant even more to get the win with the team. The elusive double gold medal at state is something incredibly rare and to do it with these boys was very special,” Wilde said.