Football 22 Regular Season Recap


Photos by: Ava Powers

Video by Mia Couch

Mak Morgan, General Manager

 The Eagles are currently 10-0, undefeated, and currently going through the rounds of districts. The team is also the #1 seed in districts. The next few playoff games are elimination rounds and will determine which teams make it to state to wrap up the 2022 football season.

“The team did well this year, our defense was pretty consistent, #1 ranked in the state, our plan is to go to state and win so that is what we’re focused on right now, playing one game at a time,” senior Javon Smith said. 

On October 28th, the team won 37-7 against Blue Springs in the first round of districts.

“Me, personally I’ve been doing great this season with all the wins we’ve had. I feel great about playoffs, had a good win against BS and overall I think we could make it to state,”  junior Melvin Laster said. 

] It is new Head Coach Andy Lierman’s first year after Coach Jones left for Oregon at the end of last season.

“Now that we have a new head coach, Coach Lierman we’re staying on track we’re just dominating teams and just doing what we do best. For the upcoming playoff games, I think we have a good shot of going to state if we just stay like Coach Lierman says ‘Stay on the board and just execute,’” senior Xavier Horn said.

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