A Solid Start to the Volleyball Season

The Volleyball Program Pulls Ahead.


Claire McKown, Reporter


      Hard work really does pay off for the 2022 Liberty North volleyball team. This year’s volleyball team, with the help of Coach Dowden, is working hard, practicing, and improving on the court. The team is confident in their season and felt victorious after the first 2 games they played. 

 “We have an amazing season ahead of us,” sophomore Emma Christian said. 

Christian plays on the Varsity team, since the season has started they’ve had two back-to-back wins against Lee Summit North and St. Pius.

“Both games we won in easy 3 sets winning by around 10-15 points,” Christian said. 

Varsity isn’t the only team soaring ahead with two back-to-back wins, both freshman teams won on Tuesday, August 30th, and Thursday, September 1st giving them a good feeling heading into the season.

“We worked well as a team and It was a perfect start to the season,” Freshman Evelyn Hensley said. 

Hensley is the C-silver setter and one of the team captains. In practice, their team works to trust each other and be aware on the court so that they can keep pulling ahead of the competition. 

Against Lee Summit, C gold took the first set, giving them a boost into the next set. They fought hard but lost the second set by 3 points. That gave the team motivation to win the third set, they took away the win.

On Thursday, September 1st, C-silver and C-gold had to join together into one team and played against St. Pius A team. In the first set, the Silver team won by 14 points. Leading into the second set, Gold won by 13 points. 

JV also had a good week. Against Lee Summit North they fought and played a really good game

“We lost but it was close, we also improved from the last time we played them,” Sawyer Hennigh, a freshman JV player said. 

JV got the opportunity to play in the Staley High School tournament. After losing to Lees Summit the first time, they fought back this time taking the game to a third set and only losing by 2 points. 

“We need to get more comfortable with each other to become a trusting team,” Hennigh said. 

And so they did. Thursday, September 1st they beat St. Pius in 2 sets taking home their first win. 

With head volleyball Coach Dowden and her team leading this year’s group, it is for sure going to be a great season. 

“We have a lot of new faces to the Liberty North Volleyball team. Although the experience and trust are being built, there’s a lot of hard work and positive energy surrounding our gyms. This season will be a success,” Coach Dowden said.