A New Generation of Rugby Begins


Cole Williams, Reporter

     When it comes to sports at Liberty North High School, rugby is often overlooked. Especially women’s rugby.

     “We have a big responsibility that’s been put on our shoulders because women’s participation never really came back in rugby. So we have a chance to really set the tone. What we do this year is going to be remembered as what brought women’s rugby back,” rugby coach Brodie Orth said.

     With a new season also came plenty of new players.

      ”We have eight players right now. It takes seven to field the team, so as the season goes on we’re looking to build our roster for the state championship, which we’re hosting at the end of October,” Orth said.

     While the season has yet to start, the team has plenty of strengths to offer. Coach Orth shared some things that he is looking forward to this season.

     We have a strong leader, Kaitlynn Cherco, and we have some good new players who are ready to learn and are putting in the effort to learn this new sport. We have about a month before our season really kicks off, so I think our strength now is the willingness to learn,” Orth said.

     With the number of new players joining the sport, it’s hard to know what to expect.

     “I’m excited to grow our participation. I’d like to get student-athletes exposed to Rugby, and teach them the game so that we can build off of it next year and the year after,” Orth said.

     One new player is Moriah Becker, whose first game is next week.

     “Expectations are high because we’re getting new people to play for us. It’s been hard since most of our teams are shutting down. We work very well together. We make sure that no one lets themselves down. I’m looking forward to the challenges that we’re going to face this season, ” senior Moriah Becker said.

     There is, of course, some pressure on coach Orth. It’s up to him to mold this new generation of rugby players. He had some advice to give to the newcomers.

     “Don’t chase too many chickens. A chicken is an objective, a chicken is a goal. Don’t chase too many at once, only chase one at a time,” Orth said.