Things to do in downtown Kansas City


Photo by Darren Hibbs on Unsplash

Alison Engelage

Power and Light is a popular hangout in the downtown Kansas City area. Power and Light has live music to listen to while eating food. It is a great place to go for a fun night and it is a great place to hangout with your friends and the ability to make new ones. If you wanted to plan a fun night out with your friends and family, Power and Light allows you to plan an event with them. The downtown Kansas City area has other places around that you and your family and friends are able to go and have a good time. The T-Mobile Center is right next to Power and Light. The T-Mobile Center is mostly popular for holding concerts. The T-Mobile Center holds many other events such as basketball, ice skating shows, and so many other fun and exciting events, with concessions all around. Sea Life is another great and fun place to go with friends and family. It has beautiful sea animals you are able to go and look at and read about. You can visit their sea turtle rescue exhibit, stingray exhibit, along with seeing sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, and other sea life. After visiting Sea Life, if you and your family or friends are hungry for something to eat, Fritz’s is in the building next to Sea Life. Fritz’s is an old-fashioned diner with a train theme. When you get seated you will order through a phone they have on the wall for you and when your food is ready it comes on a train that’s above you and brings your food to you that way. With fun little conductor hats that are provided. These are some fun places to go to while visiting the downtown Kansas City area.