The Amazing Adventures Of Crumbl!


Mak Morgan, General Manager

Crumbl. What started out as a small business in Logan, Utah in 2017, has become very popular and has opened approximately 300 bakeries in the US today. Originally, their goal was to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Now they have ever-changing flavors, new ones each week.
“My favorite cookie was the French Silk Pie because it was really good.” Junior Dylan Abernathy said.
While for some the changing of the flavors every week may be annoying but not to all.
“I think it adds good variety and enough time to try every flavor,” Abernathy said.
For the workers, it must be quite the job, making cookies that have clearly changed the cookie status of the world. Junior Trenton Norris agrees.
“I work at Crumbl mainly because of the good work environment, the people, and the cookies,” Norris said.
It seems Crumbl’s cookies are a huge hit amongst workers and customers, but it also seems that the cookies are only part of the package that Crumbl provides. Still, the cookies are the leading factor in the relationship between cookies and customers.
“The hype around Crumbl is because the cookies are just that great. Some people don’t like them and I don’t know why, but Crumbl is good.” Norris said.
What started out as a journey to finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie in Utah, has now become a huge success with not only making the “perfect” chocolate chip but many other delicious flavors that customers like Abernathy love and employees like Norris love to make.
“It is fun making the cookies, I love making the cookies and being proud I made one that actually looks delicious,” Norris said.