Scooters Holiday Drink Ratings with Haley!


Scooters Holiday Drinks

Scooters just released some new holiday drinks and treats that I just had to try! The Peppermint Mocha, Sugar Cookie Latte, Praline Carmelicious, and the Frosted Sugar Cookie treat. As a fellow coffer lover these new drinks excited me but were they actually as delicious as everyone says?

Peppermint Mocha (Iced): It was overall laking in peppermint flavor and had to much mocha throughout. I liked the mocha sauce and the peppermint bits on top. Still was lacking in peppermint flavor and just doesn’t feel holiday worthy to me. The only thingĀ  saving it was the peppermint chips. Overall 5/10

Sugar Cookie Latte (Hot): It smelt amazing and the sprinkles added to the drink made it extra fun. It was too sweet for me butĀ  actually tasted like a sugar cookie. It gave me all of the holiday feels! Overall 7/10

Praline Carmelicious (Iced): I don’t personally like pecans, but it’s not bad. It had a great caramel to pecan ration. Not my favorite but if you like pecans and caramel this is your drink. My mom says it is to sweet for her but she loves the praline flavor and next time she would definitely get it hot. Overall for me a 4/10

Frosted Sugar Cookie: This cookie is huge and very visually appealing. Brought back childhood memories of making cookies for my family and for Santa. Very soft cookie with crispy edge and a moist inside. Not too much frosting or sprinkles very yummy. I would highly recommend if you like sugar cookies. Overall 9/10

The holiday treats and drinks were overall decent, my favorite was for sure the Sugar Cookie! Stay tuned for more local ratings with your girl Haley D!