A Closer Look at First Act Theatre Arts


There are many different theatre companies in the Kansas City area. They each have their own special qualities and people. First Act is an example of a special and loving community. 

      “People should do First Act because it is truly one big family and everyone is so supportive of each other. It is always fun and never a bad place to be,” freshman Kaitlyn Talken said. 

     First Act Theatre Arts is a Christian-based theater company based in Overland Park, Kansas. First Act provides acting classes, dance classes, singing lessons, and many musicals to choose from every year.

     “It builds a community and gets you to try new things with the arts that you’ve never done before,” sophomore Savannah Beman said. 

     First Act just changed the way they do auditions. The students audition for all three shows a season together, saying which one they would prefer to be in, then the directors choose which one they would fit best in. 

     “I prefer the new way of auditions because I like there being one big day where we audition. We get to come together and support others who are auditioning, no matter the show they want,” Talken said. 

     Many people like the new way of auditions at First Act, while others would prefer to go back to the way we used to audition. 

     “I prefer the old way because you’re not sure what show you’ll be placed in and what shows your friends will be in. They might all be in one show and you might be placed in a different one,” Beman said. 

     Auditions bring plenty of nerves and anxiety, but everyone there will support you, no matter how the audition goes. First Act just had auditions for their autumn shows, Bright Star and Annie. Rehearsals started on Tuesday, August 30th. 

     “What I am looking forward to with this new season of shows is experiencing new shows and learning new choreography,” Talken said.

     The shows for the 2022-2023 season are Bright Star, Annie, Into the Woods, The Music Man, The Little Mermaid, Tuck Everlasting, Cinderella and Peter and the Starcatcher. 

     “I am looking forward to making new friends because I enjoy getting to see new faces and making more memories,” Beman said.

To learn more about First Act Kansas City, go to firstactkc.org.