Coping with Online School

Coping with Online School

Michael Schwalm, Reporter

With school out for the foreseeable future, and events being canceled left and right, students from Liberty North seem to be growing restless trapped in their homes and tied down with their online classes.

For most students, the announcement that school would be canceled for the remainder of the 2019 to 2020 school year came as a surprise.

“I mean I knew things were getting bad, but it was still a shock to hear that we aren’t actually going back,”  sophomore Reagan Schwalm said. 

As the reality of the situation sets in, students are having to find other ways to fill their time usually devoted to extracurricular activities. Some students have started a  dungeons and dragons campaign. It’s a little hard to do over video call, but it keeps them together.

“I for one am enjoying all the free time. It really gives me a chance to catch up on my work,” 8th grader Gracie Schwalm said. 

 But not all share her outlook.

“I’ve always found it hard to focus at home, and now it’s especially hard when you’re friends are all on online games without when you’re stuck doing homework,” junior Weston Edwards said.