March Madness

March Madness

Savanna Eads, Reporter

With the NCAA Tournament starting up on Tuesday March 13th, there have already been surprising eliminations, destroyed brackets, and  hearts broken as fans favorite teams fall short for points.

“This season my March Madness bracket is basically ruined. 16th ranked teams are beating 11th ranked teams, and the underdog no one had winning suddenly came out and beat the best teams, which destroyed half of my bracket right off the bat. I have Kansas winning it all and so far i’m pretty confident they can pull it out and win,” sophomore Austen Hoss said.

Every year basketball fans rally up their favorite teams and put together a bracket predicting who will be the new college basketball champion.

“Basketball is my favorite sport and I make a pretty realistic bracket every year based around which teams have done the best all season. This year has been really difficult to watch since all my number one teams are losing in the first round,” junior Ryan Haigney said.