Fall Fest Festivities


  Fall Fest only happens once every year for three days during the last weekend of September. It is a big festival that happens on the Liberty Square and it’s appropriate for people of all ages and especially families.There are many activities to do there including rides, carnival games, live music and tents where there are a variety of different things to buy.

  “The atmosphere of Fall Fest is really lively and just being there can put you in a better mood. It’s hard to be anything but positive when everyone is having a good time around you. Also it feels just like the “kickoff” to fall,” sophomore Jackson Martin said.

 Fall Fest is a big hit with students in the Liberty area. By this event only happening one weekend out of the year, many try to get out and attend while it’s around. The attendance for the fair is normally very steady every year considering the good talk that is spread around.

  “My Favorite memory about the fall fest is going after I won my softball games and just relaxing and enjoying all the fun with my family and friends. I can’t wait for this year,” sophomore Olivia Daugherty said.

  Many things are thought of when Fall Fest weekend arrives. There are many things to look forward too, but a common favorite is the carnival like food that you can only have at these certain events. They have everything from fresh squeezed lemonade to huge corn dogs.

  “I like to eat the funnel cakes there because they aren’t a lot of places that sell them! They come out warm and I just love the memories that come back to me when I buy one,” sophomore Ava Curry said.